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Removing Blind Spots

Are you working hard on your business every day but not seeing the progress you anticipated? At The Blue Garage (thebluegarage), we understand that blind spots can occur after a certain period of time, making it difficult to figure out the root cause of business challenges. That’s why we’re here to help.

Empowering Your Strategy

At The Blue Garage (thebluegarage), our passion is to turn your innovation opportunities into significant business value and results. We specialize in coaching and supporting internal innovation teams to create and execute effective growth and innovation strategies that can lead to success.

Start-up Coaching

We work with both entrepreneurial teams and corporate startups to shape and execute growth and innovation strategies. Our experienced coaches can help build and coach your internal innovation teams, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Supporting Innovation Teams

We also support innovation teams in their quest for new and viable business opportunities. Our team can help identify potential blind spots, provide guidance on strategy, and assist in the execution of new initiatives.

Regain Speed

If you’re looking to regain speed and boost your business, The Blue Garage (thebluegarage) can help. Our services can help identify and address blind spots, optimize your revenue model, and target the right segments to accelerate growth.

Business Models

We specialize in creating disruptive new business models that generate actual new revenue streams. Our team can work with you to identify new opportunities and bring them to life, resulting in significant business value and growth.

New Product Launches

If you’re planning a new product launch, The Blue Garage can help ensure your success. Our coaches can provide guidance on everything from product development to launch strategy, helping you achieve your goals and accelerate growth.

In summary, The Blue Garage (thebluegarage) offers a range of services to help businesses identify and address blind spots that may be impacting their progress and growth. Our experienced coaches can help shape and execute effective growth and innovation strategies, leading to significant business value and results. Whether you’re looking to create disruptive business models or launch a new product, The Blue Garage is here to help you succeed.
Explore Your Options

Boost your teamdrive, business models and way of working with our expertise. Our data-driven innovation model achieves success faster. Empower your team today for scalable results. Contact us to start!

What our clients say..

  • THEBLUEGARAGE, redirected us to focus on the true business value proposition of Fibéo. The sessions were led in a structural way and filled with energy. The outcome has led to fundamental adjustments of our company. A welcome change of which we still benefit today. We highly recommend THEBLUEGARAGE, we see it as a must for every company'.
    Henk-Jan Journee, Chief Executive Officer of Fibeo.
  • THEBLUEGARAGE helps me to grow as an innovation expert and as a leader. Gerben is with his enthusiasm, entrepreneurial and open mindset a big help to me. His collaborative approach is a great asset in coaching within corporate innovation'.
    Bart Louwerenburg Experiment Lead '' An initiative powered by Carefree Retirement NN
  • THEBLUEGARAGE helps us to get an 'outside the box' view which is helping us to optimise our portfolio, our network and market approach. Their drive and passion is contagious. THEBLUEGARAGE has broaden our vision while helping us to keep focused on the strategic steps to accelerate our growth. THEBLUEGARAGE is a valued partner of our team.
    Kirsten Marsman CEO & CMO of (SEKK)
  • “Gerben is a warm hearted man with loads of ideas and foremost with passion. Wherever you are, no matter what phase, he always knows how to broaden your vision and break away from tunnel vision. Equipped with enough personal experience I can highly recommend him as a coach.”
    Bente Bak Experiment Lead 'FamilyOffice'
  • The team of THEBLUEGARAGE are true teamplayers who help you to find the right questions you have to ask yourself to grow as a company. Their enthousiatic open mind helps you to find the answers on those questions. With their approach they quickly understand what the needs are of your team in order to help you to define the road ahead.
    Chris Boven CEO & Co-founder of

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