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Realise the Potential of Your Team

Enabling passionate teamsmembers while unlocking their full potential 


Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available today. Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 harnesses the power of personality, supporting businesses to realise the full potential of their people. 

At THEBLUEGARAGE we help individuals, teams and organisations to realize their full potential. By harnessing the power of personality and combining it with our passion for development we deliver solutions that work for you. The result – a unique blend of expertise, experience and modern science that has enabled individuals, teams and organization from across the globe to realize their true potential. 

Why FACET5? Facet5 can be used in 8 areas to optimise to team growth, selection and buidling;

-1- Selection

• Ensures the right fit for the team by matching the individual to the required organisational values and culture
• Provides consistency of process to recruitment and selection with tailored interview guides.
• Supports fit-to-role by showing success elements before selection
• Identifies High Potentials early in career, for enriched development opportunities

-2- Integration

• Describes the motivations, drivers and work preferences – for early successful integration in the role
• Helps establish a strong manager–  teammember relationship early on
• Enables productivity quickly by using individual motivational strategies
• Provides development planning opportunities within the first three months

 -3- Teamwork

• Rapidly forms new or re-shaped teams
• Strengthens team and individual relationships and understanding
• Provides a common language to assist teams with communication and feedback to increase team performance
• Focuses teams on what is required to deliver the work through identifying team strengths and areas to look out for

-4- Development

• Ensures appropriate career and  development planning
• Enables helpful performance conversations
• Facilitates the ‘leader as coach’ approach for stronger employee development
• Identifies and manages strengths and areas of stretch successfully
• Shows individual contribution to teams and coalitions easily

-5- Leadership
• Integrates with existing leadership development frameworks, embedding development programs easily
• Provides rich insights into personal style and how to lead individuals and teams to increase sustainable development
• Builds effective change leadership capabilities

 -6- Talent
• Identifies emerging talent, allowing for focused development planning in current and for future roles 
• Assists in identifying and growing the required organisational capabilities
• Integrates into assessment and development centres

-7- Culture and change

• Defines and describes the culture in a common language
• Communicates the essence of the  organisation – who we are and what  we stand for
• Defines the ‘current’ and ‘ideal’ state of a culture and the role individuals will play in achieving it

-8- Separation and exit
• Supports teammebers on the next step of their career journey
• Provides meaningful exit conversations to ensure advocacy by the team
• Ensures the right talent for the right time

THEBLUEGARAGE is an accredited partner of FACET5 and uses TeamScape as a tool to help you and your team to obtain the nesseary insights to build and form better teams in order to optimize execution.