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Realise the Potential of Your Team

Enabling passionate teamsmembers while unlocking their full potential 

Build Stronger Teams with Facet5 and THEBLUEGARAGE

The Blue Garage is closely working together with Facet5 for its teamselection and teambuilding tools. Facet5 is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that’s used by businesses and consultancies worldwide to optimize team growth, selection, and building.

At THEBLUEGARAGE, we’re passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations reach their full potential. By leveraging the power of personality and combining it with our expertise, experience, and modern science, we deliver customized solutions that work for you.

Why choose FACET5 for teambuilding? This versatile tool can be used in 8 key areas, including:

  • Selection: Ensure the right fit for your team and the organization’s values and culture.

  • Integration: Facilitate successful onboarding and strong manager-team member relationships.

  • Teamwork: Improve team performance by enhancing communication, feedback, and collaboration.

  • Development: Enable career planning, development, and performance conversations that work.

  • Leadership: Identify and develop emerging leaders and improve leadership capabilities.

  • Talent: Identify and grow the right talent for the right roles.

  • Culture and change: Define and communicate the essence of your organization and its values.

  • Separation and exit: Support departing team members and ensure the right talent for the right time.

As an accredited partner of FACET5, THEBLUEGARAGE uses TeamScape to help you and your team obtain the necessary insights to build and form better teams that will optimize execution.

THEBLUEGARAGE can help. Learn more about our customized solutions for teambuilding. Drop us an e-mail at and explore how.