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Success doesn’t come organically and takes passion, dedication and sacrifice. As entrepreneurs and innovation coaches ourselves, we have experienced this at first-hand tackling daily corporate innovation and start-up challenges.

Most of these challenges are in the the field of not fully understanding how you pragmaticallly go from idea to a validated solution which actually generates the desired values, including ROI on the euro of cource.

Another area is how to form and build teams well. It is easier said than done to find, select and incentivize the right talents to lead and push new ventures. One of the biggest challenges we see is how to integrate or assimilate innovations into the core/existing business. 

THEBLUEGARAGE, is a group of seasoned professionals working side-by-side within your teams tackling day to day challenges to create scalable product-markets fits out of MVPs. We understand the challenges of corporate innovation and we work hand in hand to help you define the objectives, set-up the right model to measure, learn, acquire new skills and adapt to a new way of working, while fuelling real talent transformation.

We empower entrepreneurial teams to reach success faster by adding our skillset and data driven innovation model to your organisation.


Those corporates pioneering with corporate innovation programs paid for expensive lessons learnt. Not only is it a challenge to capture good ideas from your own organization, it is hard to find and select the right people to execute on a given idea. Aside from putting the right supporting processes and gateways in place. 

THEBLUEGARAGE is a group of seasoned professionals entrepreneurs supporting both the corporate side as well as empowering the high potential hybrid entrepreneurial teams in their development by offering hands-on, in the field, coaching and support from the validation phase into a scalable business model.  


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THEBLUEGARAGE is a tradename of G-Kracht Innovatie Management,  K.v.K 66263433
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