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Creating Value

Return on Investment: EURO VS  LEARNING


Finding and scaling new business models and revenue streams is not easy. The game of corporate innovation has many challenges. Which strategy to implement? What is the definition of success?

It starts with having a clear understanding and definition of what innovation means to you and your organization. What are the related objectives? What do you intend to accomplish? When will you be successful? If you are not able to provide clear answers on these questions, you might end up with some expensive lessons learnt.

Based on our experiences most corporates seem to have struggles with;

– Defining and managing the innovation objectives
– Creating internal alignment on the related objectives.
– Putting the right innovation strategy in place
– Mapping, understanding and managing stakeholders expectations
– How to decide on H1, H2 or H3 innovation initiatives

There are basically two general routes to optimize, find, activate new business models;

Either your create your own internal moonshot and/or innovation labs obtaining ideas from your organization and accelerate them into successful new business (venture building),

and/or your activate an CSE strategy (corporate start-up engagement).

Make or Buy?
.. all depends on how you define your ROI


An CSE strategy focusses on co-working with existing external start-ups in order to accomplish the innovation objectives faster. 

Both strategies have some overlapping challenges;

– Selecting and forming the proper entrepreneurial teams (personality, mind and skillset)
– Putting the right gateway process in place to support the innovation process
– Implementing the proper start-up landing zone
– How to measure success based on which KPIs /OKRs?
–What remedies do you have in place in case teams do not perform according expectations?

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