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A Data Driven Validation Framework

To Find Your Product-Market and Realted Earning Faster.

At THEBLUEGARAGE, we have a shared experience of guiding & mentoring many start- and scale-ups mostly in the form of workshops. We noticed that it did not matter how much knowledge we were sharing, it was the:

  • Tailored made follow up,

  • Hands-on execution and coaching,

  • The application of a Data Driven Validation Framework which made the difference.

The general context of workshops is a good instrument to explain the methods and methodologies, however the real difference is made once we submerged ourselves within the teams to put the methods and methodologies into practise. (the proof is in the pudding)


THEBLUEGARAGE applies relevant, committed and invested professionals to your entrepreneurial team to achieve the set of objectives faster. With regard to corporate innovation, we assist c-level to define clear reachable objectives, put the proper workflow in place, set up the requirements for success in order to measure the status of the objectives based on a fact driven (KPI/OKR) hands-on execution model.

THEBLUEGARAGE is a workspace, on-premise or off-premise, which merges your team with our experts, other start-ups (if desired) and entrepreneurs to encourage innovation in order to create new opportunities and partnerships that deliver real business impact.

Learn About Our Data Driven Validation Framework used by both Start-up as well as Corporates