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Idea + Proper Execution = Success

Team Selection & Building

Team Selection and Drive: Key to Successful Execution

Attention entrepreneurs, and teammanagers ! Have you ever had a brilliant idea but struggled to execute it successfully?

As Steve Jobs once said, “ideas are worth nothing unless executed.”That’s why team selection and team drive are essential for proper execution and ultimate success.At THEBLUEGARAGE, we understand the importance of team dynamics and motivation.

That’s why we use the Facet5 TeamScape model to help you build better teams and optimize execution.With Facet5 TeamScape, you can gain insights into your team’s natural work cycle, conflict management style, and stress response. This powerful tool identifies the culture of your team, how relationships are likely to work, and how work will be managed and delivered.

Our team of experts is here to help you interpret the results and develop a well-balanced team that outperforms on execution.

We are an accredited partner and use Facet5 TeamScape to help international corporations and start-up accelerators, like Startupbootcamp, form better teams. Don’t let a lack of team drive and poor team selection hold you back. Let us help you unlock the power of your team and achieve ultimate success.

THEBLUEGARAGE can help. Learn more about how we can help you optimize execution with Facet5 TeamScape. Drop us an e-mail at and explore how.

Increase Team Execution & Performance