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Ingredients Of Growth

A well oiled team, using a data driven approach working in a supporting environment

Idea + Execution = Progress

'To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. Execution is worth millions.” – Steve Jobs. There are many ideas, it’s the execution on the idea what counts most. That is why we believe that people’s drive & motivation are the strong and most important building blocks for proper execution. We all know the equation: idea + execution = success. Understanding people’s drivers are essential to.....

Problem - Solution - Revenue

At THEBLUEGARAGE we have a shared experience of guiding & mentoring many start- and scale-ups mostly in the form of workshops. We noticed that it did not matter how much knowledge we were sharing, it was the tailored made follow up and hands-on execution which made the difference. The general context of workshops was a good instrument to explain the methods and methodologies....

From Reporting to Facilitating

Finding and scaling new business models and revenue streams is not easy. The game of corporate innovation has many challenges. Which strategy to implement? What is the definition of success? It starts with having a clear understanding and definition of what innovation means to you and your organization. What are the related objectives? What do you intend to accomplish? When will you....

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