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You are working hard on the daily business, fully focused with your team to meet the milestones.  In those rare moments that you have some quiet time, you reflect on the current status and you notice that somehow your desired progress is slower than you had anticipated….

You activated the right revenue model, you are targeting the right segment(s), you validated the value proposition, you have your team in place, even with the right skill-set. What did I overlook?

Most teams face business challenges which are hard to figure out from the inside. Blind spots simply occur after a certain period of time. We are looking forward to help. Let’s talk over a coffee (or tea) about our approach to remove the blind spots.  

Regain speed and boost your business at THEBLUEGARAGE, the workforce to accelerate entrepreneurial teams.  

THEBLUEGARAGE  can empower Your Innovation Strategy by:

–  Coaching entrepreneurial teams / corporates start-ups to shape and execute your growth and innovation strategies by building and coaching your internal innovation teams.
–  Supporting (corporate) innovation teams in their quest for new desirable, viable, and feasible business opportunities.

Our passion is  to turn your innovation opportunities into significant business value and results (e.g. by creating disruptive new business models, generating actual new revenue streams, coaching a new product launch, etc.). 

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We empower entrepreneurial teams to reach success faster by adding our skillset and data driven innovation model to your organisation